McDonald’s McFlurry Oreo Recipe

Here is the recipe of McDonald’s McFlurry I tried to replicate after trying it few weeks ago.

I have replicated popular recipes in the past, on requests of readers and here is another one after the popular Veg Pizza Puff that everyone loved.

There is nothing much to do and it’s fairly easy to prepare it at home, all you need is, some ice cream and some Orea biscuits and you will have it ready in a few minutes. A super delicious way to have your ice cream or Oreo biscuits. Believe me, the kids are going to love it. Give it a try.

Preparation Time: 2-5 Minutes

Serving: 1

Ingredients Quantity
Vanilla Ice-cream 1 cup
Oreo Biscuits 2


1. Take the vanilla ice-cream in a serving bowl. (2 Oreo biscuits is sufficient for one cup ice-cream)

2. Crush the cookies with your hands or rolling pin.

3. Add the crushed cookies to the ice-cream.

4. Mix it well.

5. Keep it a freezer for half an hour, Serve chilled.

6. Enjoy!!

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