Makhana Kheer Recipe

Desserts are an important part of any meal, be it lunch or dinner. India is full of people who crazy over ‘kuch meetha ho jaye’. 

And in that spirit, we at ER spend a good amount of time on preparing delicious desserts. One such dessert we are going to publish today is the Makhana Kheer. Because variety is what we need.

The preparation is simple and easy. If you’ve got just 30 minutes at hand, you will be blessed with the awesomeness of this recipe.

Follow the easy step by step recipe along with photos mentioned below. I really hope you love it.

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 15 Minutes

Serving: 2

Ingredients Quantity
Milk 1/2 liter
Makhana 1 cup
Cashew nuts 8-10
Almonds 8-10
Sugar 2 tbsp
Saffron few strands
Cardamom green powder 1/8 teaspoon


1. Heat the wok/pan with ghee and add makhana, almonds and cashew nuts. Fry it on a low flame till nice aroma comes from the dry fruits. Switch off the flame. Let it cool at the room temperature.

2. Take the fried makhana, almonds and cashew nuts in a grinder and grind it to make the fine powder.

3. Boil the milk in a wok.

4. Add sugar, cardamom green powder and ground makhana, almonds and cashew nuts powder to the milk.

5. Mix it well, cook it on a medium flame till the milk is reduced by half. Keep stirring in between the cooking to avoid the kheer sticking to the bottom of the wok. Add saffron.

6. Add few whole makhana and cashew nuts. Cook for another 4-5 minutes. Switch off the flame. Delicious makhana kheer is ready to serve.

7. Enjoy!!

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