Spongy White Rasgulla Recipe

Here is the recipe of Rasgulla, one of the most popular sweets you can find in India.

Among all the sweets I love, Rasgulla has a special place of its own an is something we prepare on very special occasions.

I learned about the recipe a few years ago and have prepared it several times since then, and I am always excited when I prepare it, because my family is very curious to have them as soon as they come out of the pressure cooker.

Yes, we will prepare them in a Pressure cooker, just like we prepared Pizza in a pressure cooker or the delicious Cake that too was prepared in a pressure cooker.

Follow the easy and simple step by step process along with photos to prepare this spongy Rasgulla at home. I hope you will love it.

Preparation Time: 10-15 Minutes

Cooking Time: 8 -10 Minutes

Serving: 8 pieces

Ingredients for Rasgulla:

Ingredients Quantity
Milk (buffalo or cow milk) 1 liter
Curd/ lime juice/ white vinegar 2-3 tbsp.
Sugar 1.5 cup
Water 4 cup
Rose water 1 teaspoon


1. Take the milk in a big wok and let it boil. When the milk starts boiling reduce the flame and add curd/ lemon juice. I used curd to get the chenna. If the milk has not curdled completely, you need to add 1-2 teaspoon more curd/lime juice. Keep stirring it with the spatula. (I added 3 tbsp curd to the milk to get the chenna) First add 1 tsp, stir well, if the milk has not curdled add 1 tbsp more. Keep doing it till you get curdled milk.

2. Here you can see in the image below, milk has curdled completely, green whey is separated from the chenna. (switch off the flame Immediately )

3. Line a bowl with a muslin cloth. Now pour the curdled milk in the cheese/ muslin cloth as shown in the image below.

4.  Hold the muslin cloth from the sides, you can store the whey or discard it. Put the muslin cloth with the chenna in a bowl of fresh cold water and wash it 2-3 times (Doing this will remove the lemon and vinegar tanginess from the chenna). If you are using curd then no need to wash it. Tie or hang it for 20-25 minutes to remove the excess water from the chenna.

5. Take the muslin cloth in a thali or plate and put the chenna on it.

6. Knead the chenna with your palms for 5-6 minutes till you get smooth and lumps free dough. The Dough should be very smooth.

7. Divide the dough into equal portions and roll each portion into small balls between your palms. There should be no cracks in the balls. Doesn’t have to be too perfect, but not a lot of cracks either. If you are not able to make smooth balls from the dough, apply some water on your palm, then make the balls.

8. Now take the water and sugar into a pressure cooker, let it boil and get the sugar dissolve completely.

9. Put the prepared balls in the cooker, close the lid and pressure cook it on a medium flame for one whistle, keep the flame low to medium and cook for 6-8 Minutes. Switch off the flame. Let it cool at the room temperature. Then add rose water and mix it well. Take out the Rasgulla with the sugar syrup in a bowl, refrigerate for 3-4 hours before serving. It tastes best when serve chilled.

10. Enjoy!!

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