Kimami Sewai Recipe| Sweet Vermicelli | Sewai Recipe For Eid

I prepared Kimami vermicelli on the occasion of Eid. It is usually prepared in every home in northern India on festivals. As it was EID, we prepared a variety of sweet dishes to guests and ourselves but because of so many guests I was not able to take pictures of the presentation and this is the reason that I am using a simple photo above.

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Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes

Ingredients Quantity
Vermicelli/ Sewai 1 kg
Milk 3 kg
Khoya 1 kg
Cashew nuts 150 gram
Almonds 150 gram
Coconut grated 1 whole
Currants/Kishmish 100 gram
Pistachio/Pista 100 gram
Dry dates/ chuwarah 250 gram
Talmakhana 100 gram
Charoli/ Chironji 50 gram
Pure Ghee 250 gram
Cardamom Green 4
Cloves 4
Sugar 3 kg
Gulabjamun Mix Powder 1 kg


1.Take Banarsi Vermicelli and keep aside. Heat the ghee in Bhagona/Large pan and temper with cloves and cardamom green as shown below in picture.

2. Now add vermicelli in pan and roast it till light golden brown as shown below in picture and keep aside.

3. Here is the preparation of sugar syrup for Sevai. Heat another pan with ghee and temper with cloves and cardamom green. Now add 3 kg milk in the pan and wait for boil it. Then add 3 kg sugar. Boil it on medium heat till 2 string sugar syrup prepare.

Note: We have to take sugar three time the amount of Sevai. (if half kg Sevai then 1.5 kg sugar).

4. Chop Talmakhana, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio as shown below in picture.

5. Now heat the another pan with ghee and temper with cloves and cardamom green. Then add chopped dry fruits, chironji, kishmish, dry dates, coconut and talmakhana and roast it till nice aroma comes and keep aside. Don’t roast it on high heat otherwise it will burn.

6. Heat the pan with ghee and add khoya. Mix well.

7. Now add the roast vermicelli in two string sugar syrup and mix well. Then add all roasted dry fruits, khoya and gulabjamun. Mix well and cook on slow heat for 15 minutes. Vermicelli is ready and serve it.

8. Here is the prepared Picture of vermicelli.

9. Enjoy!!

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