20 Birthday Cake Ideas that Can be Prepared Easily

There is this new trend going to, perhaps not so new, but the Birthday Cakes got to be unique now, and they should be related to something that is one the favourites of the Birthday Boy or Girl.

And coming up with a unique Birthday cake design is not easy, let alone preparing the Birthday cake. I have been in a similar situation myself, and I took to Instagram for ideas, I am posting it here on the blog for everyone who might find this useful.

Remember that it’s just the idea and not the recipe because baking a cake is pretty similar, the next action, that is called dressing, is where the creative part begins and these ideas shall help you with the creative part. You can check out our Cake section to learn about baking a cake.

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A simple cake covered with cream and then dressed using some berries and chocolates. Looks clean and pleasing to the eye.

A simple chocolate cake and the roses made using buttercream. Looks minimalistic and takes less time to prepare.

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The B’day cake has ribbons made from cream.

There are two cakes, smaller on top of the better one, grated coconut can be used for the snow effect, maybe. And the Dolls are probably not edible.

A simple cake that is covered with layers of chocolates dressed one over another.

A simple cake, covered with chocolate and dressed with Gems,

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A Pan shaped Cake

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A cake dressed using creams made with different food colour.

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A smaller cake on top of a bigger cake with Chocolate wafers on the sides dressed using Gems /Candies.

A complete Chocolate cake.

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A chocolate cake covered using chocolate bars from the sides, and chocolate balls on the top. Gulab jamun could also be used on the top.

A chocolate cake, covered with cream, dressed using more chocolates and strawberries.

A simple cake covered using chocolate wafers, KitKat maybe, filled with Marshmallow on the top.

A cake dressed using different fruits, and some melted chocolate poured on top of it.

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Smaller cake on the top of a bigger one, dressed using butter cream and icecream cones used on the sides filled with more cream.

A cake dressed using different shaped chocolates, orea buiscuts, chocolate bars etc.

A cake dressed with sweetballs/ cookies which were baked seperately.

Two cakes prepared using different baking moulds, then covered using chocolate, dressed using whipped cream.

A chocolate cake dressed using Strawberries and cream on the sides.

If you are looking for help in preparing a Birthday cake, you can check out the step by step guides we have posted on the blog about cake designs.

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