Commonly Used Indian Spices

I have been getting requests from many people to make a list of must have spices in a kitchen to prepare Indian food. So here it is.

Indian Spices are hot spices which are used in Indian Cuisines to give it a unique flavour. We have to use a set of spices for different recipes. Almost all the spices are covered in this glossary.

English Hindi
Red chilli powder Lal Mirch
Black Pepper Kali Mirch
Coriander Powder Dhaniya
Turmeric Powder Haldi
Cumin Seeds Jeera

English Hindi
Cardamom green Choti Elaihi
Carom seeds Ajwain
Fennel Seeds Saunf
Cinnamon stick Daal Chini
Bay leaf Tej -patta

English Hindi
Mustard seeds Sarso
Nutmeg Jaiphal
Coriander seeds Sabut Dhaniya
Cardamom brown Moti Elaichi
Cloves Laung

English Hindi
Asafoetida Heeng
Onion seeds Kalungi
Khus-Khus Khus-khus
Dry red chilli Sabut Lalmirch
Garam masala powder Garam masala powder

More photos will be added soon!

English Hindi
Holy basil Tulsi
Black cumin seeds kala jeera
Caraway seeds Shahjeera
Curry Leaves Kari patta
Dry Fenugreek Leaves Kasoori Methi
Dry Ginger Saunth, Sonth
Dry Mango Powder Aamchur
Fenugreek seeds Methi ke dane
Mace Javitri
Mint Pudina
Raisins Munacca
Rock salt Kala Namak
Sesame seeds Til
Watermelon seeds Magaz
Saffron Kesar
jaggery Gur
Garlic Lassun
Ginger Adrak

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