How to Get Rid of Cockroaches


After the popularity of articles, How to get rid of Ants and how to get rid of Lizards, I am writing this article, the third uninvited thing in out kitchens the Cockroaches.

Keep it Clean

First off, keep things clean, as usual, this is the first thing you need to do. They visit your place to seek food, don’t let them find any. This is the common point among all the insects.

Use Boric Acid Power

Okay, so cleaning your place didn’t work, try this, and spread some boric acid powder in the area where they are being found. Spread it all over the place in some good quantity. Don’t wipe it, the cockroaches will die, and the ones planning to visit, won’t visit.

This is the trick which I used recently and My Kitchen is Free from Cockroaches.

Crazy Fact: Cockroaches can live without their head for weeks until they starve to death.

Boric Acid Power is easily available in Medical Stores, make sure you keep it away from reach of children.

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