Chocolaty Lassi Recipe

Chocolaty Lassi might be a weird combo, but it is wonderful in taste, I crazy about Lassi just like I am crazy about Chocolate, which made me try this Chocolaty lassi.

The chocolate gives it a different flavor than the original lassi or mint lassi.

Preparation Time: 2 Minutes

Ingredients Quantity
Yoghurt 200 gram
Water 1 cup
Sugar 3 teaspoon
Cocoa powder 2 teaspoon
Drinking chocolate 2 teaspoon
Ice cubes 1/2 cup


1. Take yogurt in a juicer and add water, cocoa powder, drinking chocolate and sugar.

2. Add ice cubes and blend it for about 30 seconds or till the yoghurt is evenly blended. Garnish with crushed ice cubes and serve chilled Smile.


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