Watermelon Lychee Slush

What does person wants in the summer? Okay, there are a number of things, but let’s just stick to the food part.

So what does a person wants in the summer? Perhaps an unlimited supply of drinks to beat the heat.

If you are that person then we’ve got you covered. Presenting one of the best drinks u will have in the recent times.

It is refreshingly good with delicious taste of watermelon and lychee blended together. Believe me it’s Super, and just takes 7 minutes to prepare.

You will find the method below. I hope you will love it.

Preparation Time: 7 Minutes

Servings: 4

Ingredients Quantity
watermelon cubes (deseeded) 2 cup
Lychee (deseeded) 2 cup
Roohafza / rose syrup 2 tablespoon
Vanilla ice-cream 4 scoop
Tutti fruity for garnish
Sugar 2 teaspoon
Lemon 1 teaspoon
Coconut milk (optional) 1 cup


1. Grind lychee along with 1/2 cup chilled water to make the puree. Take it out in a bowl.

2. In the same grinder, add watermelon cubes and grind it with 1/2 cup chilled water to make puree. Add grinded puree in the lychee bowl.

3. Add lemon juice, sugar, rose syrup, 1 cup chilled water, coconut milk into lychees-watermelon bowl and mix it well. Pour into the glass , add some ice cube. Garnish with ice-cream and tutti fruity. Serve chilled.

4. Enjoy!!

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