Watermelon Juice Recipe | Watermelon Drink For Summer


Its a simple juice of watermelon. For today, I have this Watermelon Juice. Watermelon has a cooling property and its immense water content is a boon during this hot season. The trick to making a perfect watermelon juice is to make sure there is no pulp in the drink which makes it more like a smoothie or slush. I like to add more watermelon and less water in my juice but its up to you what you like more water or more watermelon Smile. I also added lemon, black salt and litchi in my drink.

Preparation Time:  5 Minutes

Cooking Time:  2 Minutes

Ingredients Quantity
Watermelon 3 cup
Sugar 3 teaspoon
Lemon 3 teaspoon
Black salt 1/4 teaspoon
Litchi 1 teaspoon chopped
Ice cubes 4
Water 1 cup


1. Pulse the watermelon using little water in batches. Filter it using a sieve as shown below in picture.

2. Now add fresh lemon, sugar and black salt  into juice.

3. Then add chopped litchi in drink. (It is optional if you like the flavour of litchi you can add otherwise avoid it). Pour into glass, add ice cubes and serve chilled watermelon juice.

4. Enjoy!!

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