Egg Parantha | Omlette Inside A Parantha!

Sounds Yummy? Egg parantha made in a different style, so it feels like the parantha ate the Omlette! It’s not like the roadside parantha stalls with a coating of egg on one side, or like the egg frankies. I created this recipe by chance, or by mistake! My cousin told me the recipe but I misunderstood it and cooked it in a different way, and this is what I got, and I loved it!

This makes for a great Sunday brunch, and also for kid’s Tiffin box. Egg bhurji and Omlette usually smells by lunch time, and it might get a li’l embarrassing when you open the lunchbox. So this parantha is the solution, when you want to have egg without the eggy smell. Simple recipe and tastes delicious, must try! I’ll be telling the spices quantities for 2 paranthas. You can increase accordingly for the number you want to make.

Preparation Time – 15 Mins


Dough (knead it with a pinch of salt) – for 2 paranthas

Eggs – 1 egg per parantha, so take 2 eggs for 2 paranthas

Red Chili powder – 2 tsp (add more/less the way you like)

Cumin powder – 1 tsp

Mixed herbs: Thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil – 1 tsp (total) [Optional]

Pepper – 1 tsp

Salt To taste

Ghee – to cook paranthas


In a glass, break in the 2 eggs.

Add the spices, herbs and salt.

Whisk together with a fork for 2-3 mins.

Put the tawa or the pan on the stove on high heat.

Take a dough ball for a parantha and flatten it with a rolling pin (belan)

Pour 2 tsp ghee in the centre and spread it evenly on the roti with your fingers.

Fold the roti in half, and then again into half (like turning a page) so it finally looks like a quadrant.

Now dust it with dry flour again and flatten it like a normal parantha.

Place the parantha on the tawa, and reduce the flame to lowest.

After 1 min, you’ll notice the sides of the flatbread / parantha opening up.

Life the edge up using a spoon, and pour in half of the egg mixture, pushing the egg batter inside and spread it to all corners using the back of the spoon.

Press on the edges of the parantha using the spatula.

Once the side is cooking, turn it. Take care that all the egg should not flow outside. If a little comes out, you can fold it using the spatula.

While the other side cooks now, spread a tsp of ghee on the top side.

Once the bottom side is also cooked, turn up the flame and turn the parantha so that the side with ghee crisps up a little.

Press down with the spatula to make sure egg is cooked through.

Serve hot with ketchup!

About the Author:

This Guest post of  Egg Paratha Recipe is presented by Ashima, you can find more recipes from her on her blog Taste and Flavours. You can also submit your recipes to get featured on my blog.

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