7 Step You Can Follow to Organize Your Kitchen

Organize Your Kitchen

Image Credit: Homyfy | Happy Homes

If you are reading this post, I already know a few things about you. Wait, I am not stalking you, what I want to say that if you are reading Evergreen Recipes, you surely love your kitchen, it is, perhaps the most sacred place for you in the house.

If this is true, we have something in common. I want to share some ideas I follow, to keep my Kitchen Organized. I hope you will find them useful.

1. Use Similar Containers and Label Them


To make your kitchen look organized, the most important thing you can do is, use similar looking containers. They all don’t have to be of the same size, but should look similar. Label them according to the content you fill in it. Also, it’s better to have transparent \/ translucent containers.

2. Place Similar Items Together 

To Make Tea, you need Sugar, Tea Leaves, Better to keep them together, similarly, Salt, Pepper and Chilli Powder, which is commonly used together, should be kept together.

3. Make use of the Corner and Walls 

You can easily find fancy looking nails to hand your utensils, or use a magazine holder to place cutting board. Items like these can be hung on the wall giving you more kitchen space to use.

4. Put Measuring Spoons Near the Stove 

This comes very handy when you are following a recipe, (e.g any recipe from this website), you have to take different measure ingredients, it’s better to keep them near the stove where you need them the most. Keep them in a glass, or buy a fancy holder to keep them all together.

5. Make use of the Sides and Top of Your Fridge. 

In the market, you will easily find tops with pockets for your Fridge, put them in your fridge and use the pockets to keep pouches, scissors and other small items you want to keep out of reach of kids.

6. Keep Everything Hidden 

The most items you need in your kitchen, the more cluttered it feels, you will not use every utensil every time you cook. Modern kitchens have organized spaces for this.

7. Device The Drawers  

You don;t have to use the drawers like the way they are made, it is bigger and you are going to keep a lot of things in it, better idea would be to divide it by placing holders/shelf (depending on the space available) and keep your things in them to make them easily available.

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